These are a few pages I fully support:
This is my story about walking the 2000-mile length of Japan. You can watch the 67-minute documentary here, free! My great friend Bill Bowels is currently on his epic circumnavigation of the globe. Tune in every day for his insightful, inspiring video blogs. Coming from the man who taught me how to hop freight trains, Damon Guthrie brings the barter economy to the internet. What he has to trade: his radical artwork. One of my biggest supporters in Brazil put together this professional Tyler MacNiven fan page. If you enjoy the age old tradition of laughing, then this is the girl for you. Memorize this name, because one day your children will come home with it tattooed on their hips. Filmmaker Brent Schulkin's "Penal Dysfunction" is a must see for anyone who has an interest in America's prison system, and for everyone else. BJ and I just got flashed by a pretty lady in this pic.

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